It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Indian School of Photography (ISP), aims at training students gain better insight into the finer aspects of photography so that with every click a story is created.


ISP trains the eye to understand and adapt the nuances that captures a moment and makes it ‘picture perfect’. It is not just an institution but an abode for students who want to pursue photography as a career or hobby. The relationship with ISP doesn’t get restricted to just the course modules but it is the beginning of a journey into the world of creativity. Photography is an art that needs to be mastered and recreated with technical knowledge. The students are exposed to different techniques and visual play. At ISP there is a constant upgrade of skills and knowledge of latest equipments and their usage in various scenarios.


ISP is run by a team of experienced and passionate individuals who have a deep commitment in the work they do. ISP programmes are designed to cater to the level of the individual’s expertise, and to take him or her to the next level. There are creative workshops and photo opportunities that are conducted from time to time where students learn through experimenting. Students can come back every time they want to share their work or need guidance even when they are on their own. Every student is nurtured and equipped to go ahead and discover his or her niche.



To facilitate students start their own career in photography and live their passion.



ISP aims at creating a platform where students get a varied exposure in different genres of photography, grasp concepts, generate ideas and sharpen their skills through a high level of individualized training.



ISP strives to provide each student with superior quality support in all aspects of photography.  We measure our success based on the feedback solicited from our students, alumni  and our teachers, as well as regular surveys that we conduct with these groups.