Foundation Intensive

Our ‘Foundation Intensive' is a specially designed course for those who want to take their first step into professional photography. The course is designed to go beyond the basics and explores more creative options. It gives students hands on experience on practical aspects of lighting. This includes practical sessions on Studio Photography in a variety of lighting conditions. The course is designed to blanket an array of topics from lighting techniques to ‘on image’ editing and other post processing workflows. Simply put the course is for photographers who want grow. It covers the very basics of photography and at the same time equips the participants with the techniques of a pro.


Foundation Intensive

Course Content:


Day 01: Basic introduction to photography and various aspects of photography, looking at and understanding basics of street photography with help of works of masters of photography as a group discussion and analysis.


Day 02: Understanding functionality of the Camera, Exposure and getting correct exposure and improvising from the correct exposure, aperture and how to use different aperture for how it affects an image, shutter speed, freezing and blurring images creatively and ISO, working under low light conditions


Day 03: Understanding modes like Depth of Field and its creative usage, Shooting modes, Metering Modes and getting correct exposures, practical use of the shutter and aperture modes


Days 04:  Understanding about White Balance and understanding true color, Focus Modes and how to do selective focusing.
And understanding the use of  Lenses and their purpose as per focal length.


Day 05: Exposure compensation, Diaptor, Active D lighting, burst mode etc, how to create a default camera setting before shooting & use all modes quickly.
Understanding different light situations.


Day 06: Review first 5 sessions of with guided practical session


Day 07: Composition, understanding space and composing pictures. Analysis of how negative and positive space is used with a reasoning to communicate through a picture and its relevance. How a picture is relevant as a medium of communication and its historical relevance.


Day 08: How to do Studio Portraiture and how to use lighting techniques to create character in portrait.  Use of studio flash light in portraiture and various types of lighting


Day 09: Still life and product lighting. Understanding photographing objects and learn the use of studio light in product and object lighting.  


Day 10. Basic Photoshop and enhancing images, sizing, converting to Black & white, Photoshop tools, exposure/contrast, Raw v/s Jpeg, Color Correction , a basic comparative of Photoshop v/s Traditional dark room and relevance of photoshop in photography today.


Day 11: Advance Photoshop, HDR, Panorama.


Day 12: Review of all days and guided practical session.


Course Timings:


  Days Dates Timings Fee
Sat / Sun 13th Dec to 18th Jan 11 AM to 1.30 PM INR 12,000 Inc of taxes