A course designed to go beyond the basics a student learns in a basic and explores more creative options. It gives students hands on experience on practical aspects of photography. This includes practical sessions on Studio Photography in a variety of lighting demands. The course is designed to blanket an array of topics from lighting techniques to on image editing and other post processing workflows. Some of the highlights of this course:

  • Studio Portraitures
  • Lighting techniques
  • Composition
  • Still Life
  • Guided Practical Sessions

Course Content:


Day 01: Introduction to studio lights and equipment. Role of light, Controlling power of light, Understanding difference between Soft and Hard light, Diffusing light, Direct light, Law of light and accessories to get different quality of light.


Day 02: Understanding the use of Light Meter, understanding how to read Studio Flash and Ambient light with help of external metering. Freeze subjects with the use of Flash and Rules and techniques to get correct reading for studio lighting.


Day 03: Understanding Portraiture, understanding use of different lighting like Split, Reflected, Broad, Short, Butterfly, Rembandt etc. How to analyze lighting as per a character, where to use hard or soft light?


Day 04: How to use lighting techniques to create character in portrait. how character change by changing the angle of light and use of flash to replicate studio light.


Day 05: Practical guided sessions by students under faculty supervision. How to think creatively and create interesting portraits?


Day 06: Understanding Table Top photography or Still Life photography, understanding Shapes, Surfaces, Textures, Highlights, Composition, use of everyday objects and creatively using light and compositions for still life images.


Day 07.:Practical guided sessions by students under faculty supervision. How to think creatively and create interesting still life images?


Day 08: Understanding basics of food and splash photography. How to freeze splash? How to use photograph liquids and how to get texture and freshness on food?


Day 09: How to produce shadow less pics by flash , bouncing flash, and use the ambient light with studio flash.


Day 10: Review of all days and students practical works. Q&A and collaborative criticism on individual work. How to create and edit a personal portfolio?


Course Timings:

  Dates Timings Fee
Weekend 11th Oct - 2nd Nov NA INR 15,000 Inc of taxes